Since 2006 Mobikey Media and Production had the privilege of serving hundreds of satisfied clients.

We provide assessment and development solution to clients from many sectors of industry such as exciting entrepreneurial and start-up companies’.  We are dedicated to providing the best quality certified services and personalized attention to each and every one of our clients. No matter what size or nature of the case. we can provide a cost-effective, custom-made solution.
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Below is the list of some of our clients

  • Power Goals Academy

    Focusing on personal development through inspirational speaking, coaching and training. To achieve real, lasting, powerful results — to completely transform the quality of your life — you must adopt new ways of thinking and thereby gain new perspectives. Power Goals Academy, will help YOU set powerful goals and a personal plan of action. Get from where you are to where you want to be. Power Goals Academy has experience to work with top executives, entrepreneurs and clients from all over the world, including Apple, Ericsson, Oriflame, Electrolux, Wyeth, Carlsberg, Pfizer, and East designed and developed Power Goals Academy  website.

    Visit for free tools, tips and resources to accelerate your success!



    In every project, particularly construction, there will be numerous parties involved,directly or indirectly, from the very beginning to the end of the physical life of the project. The parties involved amongst others are the owner, designers, consultants, builders, suppliers, financiers, lawyers as well as end users or the public. ACRID cordinate all parties. designed and developed "ACRID bygg och fastighet" Abs website. The website is not released yet, coming soon. current site ( our solution

  • Byggsum AB

    Byggsum AB Home Improvements is a leading construction company in Stockholm  providing home improvements. Homeowners looking to renovate kitchens, office, hotell, bathrooms and basements can now do so economically. - See more at designed and developed Byggsum Abs website

  • Toofab AB

    TOOFAB AB helps businesses and organizations carry out building and construction projects with the greatest possible strategic, financial and environmental benefits and time advantages for customers and users. designed and developed website, design logo and created graphic design.

  • Lionels Klipp (

    A beauty salong that gifts you the perfect look. LionelsKlipp brings out the beautiful woman in you with trendy haircuts, colouring and styling Mobikey Production created Lionelsklipp website and graphic design.

  • Riksteatern

    Riksteatern is an idea based cultural organization with over 40,000 dedicated members. In association with Riksteatern Mobikey Production managed to produce a music video show within a very short period of time. Our Music video was broadcasted by TV4s Kanal Globla and TV7 in Sweden.

  • All Catering

    Serviceinriktning Stockholm AB "All Catering" Company focuses on fine food, beverage and top quality service for private and commercial events, such as weddings, restaurants, café, parties and more. It is the leading caterer with good references in entire Stockholm. Serviceinriktning Stockholm AB chooses to created their new website, logo design, flyer, advertising material, Broschyrer and graphic design, business card of the company.

  • Solid Norden AB

    Solid Norden AB enhancing your company’s productivity. They help you with credit information, invoice purchasing, factoring, credit monitoring, payment solutions, billing debt collection, recovery audit, foreign dept collection and more. Solid Norden AB chooses to create their website, logo design and other it solution.

  • Salonglindhagen

    Tired of waxing or shaving? Be hair free, with Salonglindhagen.  With reliable and reasonable service options, special offers, competition and assistance from the pleasant staff, they doing everything they can to make  your visit easier. They are providing haircut service, hair removable, skin care treatments, including waxing, facials and body treatments. designed and developed website, redesigned logo and created graphic design.


  • MMAlabbet

    Here is the top MMA websites on the Internet. aims to be the world’s correct and all-inclusive MMA news, review, videos and latest headlines provider. designed and developed website, logo and graphic design.

  • Bonat AB

    Bonat architect and Garden solutions is a Stockholm based company providing efficient and effective solutions. BON, they are specializes on designing, installing and maintaining fine home and gardens. created their new custom design website, graphic design, and redesign of

  • Blattamentet

    Blattamentet main Goal is to make people laugh with versitle humor where there's no boundries! The webb-TV provides sketches and bits in both Swedish and English. One key ingrediens in Blattamentet is imitation comedy with characters like Robert De Niro Zlatan and off course Schwarzenegger. created  Blattamentet  new Web TV site, Logotype and graphic design of the company.

  • Camil Möbler AB

    Camil Möbler AB, where Asia meets Europe, a combination of antique and luxury. Camil Möbler AB is Stockholms leading supplier of quality furniture. At Camil, you will find various ranges designed by well-established brands. Camil promise to provide you the cheapest and competitive rates online. Camil Möbler AB Chooses to created their new ecommerce website, flyer, advertising material, Broschyrer and graphic design of the company.

  • Homestyling & Maleri Designers

    This compnay has offered top-quality painting, homestyling, luxurious sheens and colors since its founding in 2007. Though they're very reasonably priced, their Services have been rated "very very good" by customers and are readily available in Gävle and Stockholm area. Mobikey created a unique 3D modern and  style website with an interactive menu.


  • Rihamonline “Reaching the trust”

    Riham Online has swiftly established itself as the foremost transfer company specializing in money transfers to and from Sweden, East Africa and Middle East with the slogan “Reaching the trust”  Riham online website proudly powered by Mobikey production. Mobikey Media Production designed and developed the website and all its function.

  • Nya Inspirationer (Stockholm)

    Get inspired with Mr Robert Alipour -  top Stockholm's  public  Motivational Speaker, Mobikey Media Production designed and developed the company logo and Proposed Mr Rober´s personal website (

  • Kallhälls Trafikskola AB i Järfälla

    They work hard to Provide the best skill to become a good driver, they have well trained Instructor for the classes. Kallhälls Trafikskola AB provide the best in the class & give you the tips to become a trained driver. Mobikey Media Production designed and developed the website and the logotype of the company (

  • Hummelkläppen

    Headquartered in Stockholm City, Is a leading audit, tax, accountancy and business advice. Hummelkläppen is a cohesive team of consultants, and associates who work together to guide clients to success. They provides audit, business consulting services, tax planning, reviews, and compilations. Mobikey Media production designed and developed the official website and redesigned logo of the company

  • Shopping Dax

    Shopping Dax is an online shopping store for organic body care products for all kinds of people and skin.  Mobikey Media production designed and developed the official website (ecommerce) designed logo and created product label.
  • Stockholms Universitet

    The Department of Education focuses on three major subjects: Pedagogy, Didactics and International and Comparative Education.Mobikey Media designed and maintained a temporary website for the Pedagogy unit.

  • Rozhn TV

    The Institute for Culture & Environmental Education is a Online TV channel offering unique educational programs for youth and young adults, plus personal enrichment for community members of all ages. is a leader in latest latest & breaking news, videos, footages and pictures.  Mobikey Media designed and developed the website, produced documentary films, music videos, news, graphic design, logo design, 3d animation (new), and top interview

  • Cameron’s Seafood Market

    From the cold, deep, blue waters of the world's oceans come today's most innovative seafood solutions. "Not only is it a seafood market" The Cameron's Seafood market 12 loactions offers you an incredible variety of popular, high quality seafood products that look and taste great. Mobikey Media designed and developed the website, logotype, print material, online marketing and video production of the company.

  • Beauty Care

    A healthy body is crucial for our survival. The skin is the upper and visible layer of our body. Nature has endowed each being with protection cover. Mobikey created new site. Mobikey Media designed and developed the website and the logotype of the company

  • Kindahls Dansskola

    Kindahls family founded “Kindahls Dansskola” over 25 years ago in Stockholm Sweden. They offer a wide variety of dance instruction to dancers age five through adult. Mobikey Media has been working closely with the company since 2010 to enhance video materials and serving over 200 parents, children and the company with by providing high quality Mobikey video productions

  • Firmata Travel

    FIRMATA Travel is working more 15 years in tourist business and during all these years we arranged many interesting travels programs in Russia as for groups and as for individuals. Mobikey Media designed and developed the website and logotype of the company

  • Organo Click

    OrganoClick manufacture and supply a range of unique, environmentally friendly materials and bioadditives for use in a variety of products made from biofibers. Mobikey Media assisted the company with starting up website and hosting

  • Serendipity Innovations

    Serendipity's core business is to create new innovative companies based on leading academic research. Serendipity do this in conjunction with world-leading scientists. Mobikey Media assisted the company with starting up website and hosting

  • Scandinavian East Development (SED)

    Is a forum for professional development, exchange of experience both in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. A partner for small, medium businesses and government agencies. Mobikey Media designed and developed the website and the logotype of the company

  • Diamorph AB

    Diamorph is an advanced materials company originating from the world leading department of Materials Chemistry at Stockholm University. The company works with materials such as ceramics, metals and unique combinations of the two. Mobikey Media assisted Diamorph with printed material, redesign of logo and started their first website.
  • Padik

    Padik – “jingle” in Balochi – is the sound of chiming anklets that women in Balochistan put on when they want to be especially enticing. Padik specializes in Balochi music with a fresh Nordic infusion always performing with deep passion-its effect: transcendent. The group has played for the BBC in London as well as in numerous venues throughout Europe. Since 2004 Mobikey is providing professional video production services, broadcast services and marketing of the band in Sweden, Norway, UK, Dubai and Oman

  • Golbang

    The unique meeting between the Orient and Scandinavia is nothing less than magic. Since 2006 Mobikey is providing professional video production services, broadcast services and marketing of the band.

  • Artotec Inc

    Artotec Inc specializes in : Iron Railings Fence Gates Metal application jobs Ornamental ironworks Residential, commercial, industrial. Mobikey Media designed and developed the website, logotype, print material, online support and Maintenance of the company.

  • ANS Redovisningskonsult HB

    Consistently ranked as one of the top accounting firms in the Järfälla Area, ANS has been the trusted advisor to the highly successful since 2003. Mobikey Media designed and developed the website, print material, online marketing and video production of the company.

  • Advanced Medical

    AMS is a primary diagnostics manufacturer based in the USA. specialising in distribution of a range of Clinical Diagnostic. Mobikey Media designed and developed the website and logotype of the company

  • Saffran Kista

    Experience the taste of authentic Persian cuisine and feel the warmth of traditional hospitality at The Saffran Persian Restaurant. Mobikey Media designed and developed the website and the logotype of the company